T-Shaped Digital Marketer

specializing in Automating Lead/Sales Generation and Customer Support

Hey there! I'm Ricz, an internet marketer and a marketing automation specialist. I love helping businesses earn more, cut costs and save time by building a sales/lead-generating website with an automated live chat assistant.

Automated Live Chat Assistant

Reduces staff costs and increase customer engagement, conversion and retention.

Lead/Sales Generating Website

Markets and sells your products/services for you 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Marketing Automation

Automating the whole customer journey funnel - from lead generation, engagement, conversion, ascension and retention.

Wordpress Development and Management

Develops a modern looking and high converting Wordpress that's fully managed and monitored 24/7.

About Me.

I started dabbling with internet marketing at the age of 26 and have done almost everything - affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, building websites, paid traffic, conversion rate optimization, data tracking and analytics, chatbot and messenger marketing.

Throughout my 12 years in digital marketing, I've found the one skill that I want to focus on - Optimizing and Automating the majority, if not the Entire Customer Journey Experience! A skill that will utilize my two passion - in-depth research and automation.

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